A Glorious debut video, in conversation with Lottie, Capucine proves delightfully talkative, disclosing a bubbling personality as she tells of some of her loved things; her appreciation in music, expensive food and wine and where to find them on the banks of the Yarra.

There are a lot superior scenes as Capucine moves around the room, now bathed in soft light by the glass doors, then leaning forward over the back of the chair, where in a tasteful scene she executes a one-handed bra unsnap, then while still bending over talks with Lottie about boys and bras.

My thanks to Lottie, the team and Capucine for this video that is a pleasure to watch and listen to, as she signs off, Capucine speaks those marvellous words “see you next time”.

May that be soon.