Marisa and Marina M

Masie is obviously enchanted by the vision of Marina in the shower, so much so that she joins her for deliciously splashy, wet sexy times. Faces wreathed in smiles the girls embrace, entwine and carnally cavort, passions untrammelled, the shower proving a fun playground as indeed does the bed and bedroom floor whence they repair, lusty rompings to continue and continue they assuredly do in a delightfully athletic manner, limbs and bodies atangle.
Jacki with a marvellous eye for composition splendidly captures all the action, conveying a sense of the passionate intensity in photographs that are fine mix of CU and wide, those featuring the mirror being especially pleasing. A set to revel in, for which my thanks to Jacki, the team, Marina and Masie, who so splendidly revel in each other.