Underneath the brilliant noonday sunlight, the brilliant clear blue skies and plush greens of the outdoors enclose around beautiful light skinned Rosanna. Out side in the garden she plays and bathes in the suns hot rays. Starting off in a shining pink little bikini she provocatively spurts blobs of thick white cream all over her chest; rubbing it over her body, under her top and around her bosoms you are able to see her getting increasingly aroused and the scene getting more blistering.

Then just as the heat of the day and her ideas become too intense, the sprinkler system shoots on, lavishing her with an ice cold, energising mist of spray that drops on her recently creamed figure. Her sun warmed skin strains and her tits get taught as the cold water takes her body by surprise. Soon though Rosanna turns this moist surprise into a slithering, sexy and sultry sunbathing experience.

Defiantly gets you in the mood for some play in sun!